References to Written Works of Daniel Moye, 1946–1970

Papers 01 to 04 are located at Australian National Library, Canberra.

Underlined titles link to complete copies located in Selected Technical Papers

Ref Author Title Date Publication Type
01 Waterhouse, L.L, Browne, W.R. and Moye, D.G.Preliminary Geological Investigations in Connection with the Proposed Warragamba Dam, (Nepean River) NSW.1946 unpublished
02 Moye, D.G.City Tunnel.1948Internal Sydney Water Board Reportunpublished
03 Moye, D.G.Hunter District Water Board. Amplification of the Chichester Storage. Progress report of investigations, 30 November 19491949Internal Sydney Water Board Reportunpublished
04 Browne, W.R. and Moye, D.G.Geological investigations at the dam site (following a visit and report by Dr Savage).1949Internal Sydney Water Board Report. 7p typescript foolscapunpublished
05 Moye, D.G. (Daniel George) and Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Authority. Engineering Geology BranchT1 project : seismic activity / prepared by D.G. Moye1952 techreport
06 Moye, D.G. (Daniel George) and Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric AuthorityReport on geology of Upper Tumut development / by D.G. Moye1953 book
07 Moye, D.G. Engineering geology for the Snowy Mountains Scheme.1955In: Journal of the Institution of Engineersarticle
08 Moye, D.G.Investigation of the occurrence of earthquakes in the Snowy Mountains and proposals for the establishment of seismographs1956Internal SMA Report (unpublished)unpublished
09 Moye, D.G.Rock Mechanics in the Investigation and Construction of Tumut 1 Underground Power Station, Snowy Mountains, Australia.1958In: Engineering Geology Case Historiesarticle
10 Moye, D.G.Siting of Seismology Stations in the Snowy Mountains.1958 proceedings
11 Moye, D.G.Geological Investigations of Underground Power Stations on the Tumut River, Snowy Mountains, Australia1959 unpublished
12 Moye, D.G. (Daniel George) and Cooma-Monaro Historical SocietyHistoric Kiandra : a guide to the history of the district, prepared from material collected by the Cooma-Monaro Historical Society / arranged and edited by D.G. Moye1959 book
13 Sargeant, I.P. and Moye, D.G.Report on Geological Reconnaissance of Pa Mong and Sambor Dam Site Areas, Mekong River Project, South East Asia1960Internal SMA Reportunpublished
14 Moye, D.G.Bibliography on the Geology of the Snowy Mountains1961 unpublished
15 Moye, D.G.Geological controls of Damsites in the Snowy Mountains1961 unpublished
16 Moye, D.G.Earth Tremors in the Snowy Mountains Region: Preliminary notes on Geological Interpretation1961 unpublished
17 Moye, D.G. (Daniel George), Svenson, D, Sharp, K.R. and Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric AuthorityReport on the geology of Murray 1 Project and associated works / [prepared by D.G. Moye and K.R. Sharp]1961 book
18 Moye, D.G. Existence of high horizontal rock stresses in rock masses1962In: Proc. Third Australia - New Zealand Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineeringarticle
19 Moye, D.G.Geology of Underground Hydro-Electric Power Plants1962 misc
20 Moye, D.G.The Place of Geology in Civil Engineering Organizations1962 misc
21 Moye, D.G.The Quantitative approach in Engineering Geology1962 misc
22 Moye, D.G., Sharp, K.R. and Stapledon, D.H.Geology of the Snowy Mountains Region1963 unpublished
23 Goodman, R.E., Moye, D.G., Schalkwyk, A. Van and Javandel, lraj.Groundwater inflows during tunnel driving1964 proceedings
24 Moye, D.G.Notes on Engineering Geology for the Snowy.Mountains Scheme1964 proceedings
25 Cleary, J.R., Doyle, H.A. and Moye, D.G.Seismic Activity in the Snowy Mountains Region and its Relationship to Geological Structures1964In: Australian Journal of Earth Sciencesarticle
26 Moye, D.G.Stress and deformation in rock and rock support. Tumut 1 and Tumut 2 underground power stations1964 misc
27 Moye, D.G., Boucaut, W. R. P., Queensland Irrigation & Water Supply Commission and Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric AuthorityReport on preliminary investigations into Upper Dawson River Dam sites / Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Authority1965 book
28 Moye, Daniel George and Australian Diamond Drilling AssociationSpecial features of diamond drilling for engineering : investigations of the Snowy Mountain Scheme / [by] D. G. Moye1965 book
29 Moye, D.G. Unstable rock and its treatment in the Snowy Mountains Scheme1965In: Proc. 8th Commonwealth Mining and Metallurgical Congress, Australia & New Zealandarticle
30 Moye, D.G. and Price, D.G.Geology and tunnelling in the Snowy Mountains Scheme1966 unpublished
31 Moye, D.G. Diamond Drilling for Foundation Exploration1967In: Civil Engineering Transactionsarticle
32 Moye, D.G. (Daniel George), Cooke, J. Barry, Rudd, Eric A and Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric AuthorityVisit by consultants J. Barry Cooke, Prof. E. Rudd and D.G. Moye : record of inspection and discussions 6th to 11th May 19681968 book
33 Moye, D.G. Geology in Practice. Presidential Address Section 3, Geology, ANZAAS Meeting1970In: Australian Journal of Sciencearticle
34 Australian Geomechanics Society. Victorian Group and Moye, D.G. (Daniel George)Engineering geology and rock mechanics : extension course1975 book

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