Historic Kiandra

Dan Moye was a keen member of the Cooma-Monaro Historical Society and prepared the book ‘Historic Kiandra’ which was issued in 1959, for the Kiandra Centenary Celebrations. Shown here is a copy of the cover of the original book and the Preface to the 2005 Reprint. Click the book cover for a larger image.


In a relatively short time it has been possible to gather in a large amount of historical material, in the form of official and unofficial contemporary documents, and histories of particular aspects of the Kiandra district, either already published or especially compiled.

It soon became apparent that to do proper justice to this fine basic material would require further research, and a great deal more time than is available.

Rather than risk spoiling it by a hurried interpretation, it has been decided to present selected material virtually in its original form, with just sufficient commentary to provide a connecting thread, and to make the main outline of the history clear.

Cover of “Historic Kiandra” by Daniel Moye

For the most part therefore this booklet is in the form of a guide to the sources of the history of Kiandra, and the reader may fill it out with his own imagination.

It is recognized that this history in many respects is far from complete. Any reader having other information, particularly old letters, maps, and published reports, or first-hand knowledge of events, is cordially invited to contact the Cooma-Monaro Historical Society.